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Learn the valuable lessons of gratefulness in the midst of abuse, neglect, and heartache by the power of forgiveness.  Find healing for your own hurts through Bev's personal stories as an Overcomer. Watch as you witness her strong, courageous, and loving resolve that changes your heart forever.  Witness Beverly's songwriting and orphanage work "To Russia With Love".  Beverly's song, "Hand in Hand" encourages the world to come together in love and unity without anger.  Discover her powerful rendition of "God Bless America" recorded at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO and filmed by Rebecca Friedlander. Collect your copy today!

The Master's Heart DVD by Beverly Bernson

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  • Learn how you can be healed from disease and emotions torn by brokenness.  Discover how you can release your destiny by the power of forgiveness.  Experience the joy of know that God can do anything you have faith to believe and find peace in the midst of your storms. This DVD contains Beverly's music and testimony birthed from the heart of God and a simple walk of faith.  Bev's first DVD shares her personal story of tragedy to triumph.  Women from all walks of life, denominations, and corners of the world are catching Beverly Bernson's contagious passion for God and His Word through her concerts, conferences, and teachings.

    Co-Founder of Joyful Legacy Productions, she has appeared on TBN, INSP, C-SPAN, AND ESPN.

    The official website of Beverly Bernson |

    Run Time Approximately 30 minutes. Copyright © 2016, Beverly Bernson. All rights reserved. Duplication is Prohibited.

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