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Rainin' Cats & Dogs

Whoa is it ever rainin’ outside, pourin’ cats and dogs so to speak. I’ve been contemplatin’ what that means and figured out that ‘rain drops keep fallin’ on my head just keep fallin’ as the song says but I think an abundance of “cats & dogs” rainin’ is too heavy for my brain to contemplate what to do in this life and I’m stumped. One minute my sister, Marylee wants the weather to be cooler and the next minute she wants the air conditioner not to run all the time. These Texas hot temperatures fry my brain and leave me a bit shy on the wisdom side. I’ve been contemplatin’ what I ought to do in my senior years. I figured it out, “leave ‘em be”. I got a feelin’ that I ain’t no smarter than a bee sittin’ on my left outside view mirror. One attached itself to my car today. I tried drivin’ faster to knock it off ‘cause I ain’t never been stung before but I’ve witnessed plenty of folk get stung. I ain’t about to let this one get me because hundreds more like ‘em ain’t stung me yet.

Wish I could be wise all the time but my ignorance of velocity verses gravity ain’t even helpin’ me get rid of this stupid bee. I’m hopin’ these cats and dogs knock some sense into the bee and it gives up entanglin’ my plans for the day like gettin’ out of the car. I hate to admit since I’ve never been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet, or any winged hot stinger like that but I’ve been plenty stung with mosquitoes and I’m just plain tired of it.

Why this sucker keeps hangin’ on to my side mirror plum stumps me into the ground. If I was a bee, I sure wouldn’t be wastin’ my time hangin’ on for dear life to a lady’s car mirror. I’d be findin’ me some kind of honeysuckle vine to land on. I think this bee is plain ole’ stupid like I feel on occasion but hate to admit to another human bein’ alive.

Pourin’ cats and dogs is fun to listen to on my porch. But it never fails when my husband wants to relax and drink a cup of coffee on our front porch, a tsunami Texas rain hits and my sister, Marylee calls it a flash flood. All I know is I wish my bank had a flash flood of money in it so I could go on a dinner cruise like the one I took my Mama on in Mississippi. She was happier than a June Bug, one of those large brown scarab beetles that appears in late spring and early summer. One thing about it, they sure are ugly but I’m wearin’ my makeup even though nobody’s comin’ over. It may be pourin’ cats and dogs and my mascara may run but I just saw that bee get knocked off my side mirror by a locust. I hoped it knocked some sense into it. Now I can get out of my car in peace.

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